Перевод песни The Waterboys – Nobody's Baby Anymore

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Once I was cherished, treasured as a prize
Guardian angels flew upside my head, peacocks danced behind my eyes
A brass band played a serenade on my parade, my splendour was adored
Now I’m nobody’s baby anymore
I’ve stepped out on highways that were studded with jewels
I rode into the City of Kings on the back of a mule
I kissed riches, strode tall in my britches, I knew esprit de corps
Now I’m nobody’s baby anymore
I’ve had love and I’ve had love
Too much or not enough
Both the famine and the feast
Have gone to make my beast
I went to the river and I sucked the river dry
I swallowed Eden whole, I rolled and smoked the sky
Drank my skinful, slaked my thirst, from shore to barren shore
Now I’m nobody’s baby anymore