Перевод песни Bing Crosby – Moonlight Becomes You

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Zing, Zing, Zing a little Zong with me I know we're not beside the Zuider Zee
But when you're zittin' by the zide of me,
I want to zing a little zong.
Zing zome zentimental melody
About a chapel or an apple tree
About a couple living happily
And I'll be glad to zing along
This ain't the zeason for getting' kinda zilly
You really are a dolly, a dolly and a dilly
You got a reason to cuddle kinda close to me And we can do a very clever piece of close harmony
Oh! Zing, zing, zing it's getting late my pet
We've got a most important date to zet
I'm sure that we will make a great duet
And we can zing a little love zong all night long.