Перевод песни Pilot – Passion Piece

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Watch her walk and
Watch her talk
She's gracious, audacious and cool
Her flaming head of auburn
Guaranteed to give you glee, you see
She gets the best of me
Poise and elegance are rare
But she has them and with flair
They tell me she knows Spiro
Terribly flash with just a dash of gin
She gets the best of me
Five foot eight great guns
Don't speak, she'll eat your heart out
She knows her fate well, no doubt
Night is her favorite friend
There's no room for any improvements
Passion piece can spare you,
Time enough to ball
Passionate person piccolo piece
Very good friend of all the police
Hey mister, do you like my sister
Inclined you may inclined you say touch
She gets the best of me