Перевод песни Whitecross – I Shout

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Got a smile in my heart
This joy he gives to me, The world can't take away
From the moment I start, I'm givin' God glory
All the things he's done for me, he sets my soul free
When I look around and I see
All he's given me, it makes me sing
And I shout!
Ooh, it makes me shout!
About the love I've found
You turn me around
Set my feet on solid ground
And I shout!
Ooh, you make me shout!
You stay the same, you never change
And that's worth shoutin' about!
This joy I have, my Lord will give to you
You can have it if you really want to Open up your heart and you will find
He'll be there for you, and you'll be shoutin' too!
Do you love the Lord?
Do you know you've been forgiven?
Have you felt his love?
When you walk with him, you start living!
And you can shout
He'll make you shout!
Let me tell you something
This love I've found, it is so great
I call on him, and he hears my voice
And when trouble comes my way
He says, «Be still and know that I am God.»
I wait patiently for him, and he lifts me out of the pit
He sets my feet on a rock and I am safe
He's faithful, and the earth is full of his amazing love