Перевод песни Matt Monro – We're Gonna Change The World

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Shirley Wood gulped down her breakfast,
Shut the fridge and joined the throng
Margaret Beatty snatched the milk in,
Scanned the news and went along.
Annie Harris drew the curtains,
screwed her eyes up, had a peep
Saw the marchers, heard their voices, making early morning noises
Stumbled back to bed and tried to sleep
(So) Come with us, run with us,
We're gonna change the world
You'll be amazed, so full of praise
When we've rearranged your world,
We're gonna change your world.
Shuffling through the cold black morning
Went the marchers, spirits low
Grunting greetings, grimly pressing
on to where they had to go
When the sun came up they brightened,
Stopped to have their thermos brew,
Annie Harris got up gladly, pondered for a little sadly
Then got on with what she had to do
At their target, numbers swollen
Up the marchers banners go
Chanting, shouting, out with leaflets
Protest for everyone to know
Sit in front of all the traffic
Harry busy shopping wives
Try to stir their ostrich notions, whip them up to wild emotions
Put some fire into their wretched lives
Shirley Wood was dragged still sitting
By a policeman from the road
Margaret Beatty hade her face slapped
By a man she tried to goad
Annie Harris in the office paused in typing, thought of Don
Glanced again at his last letter
Died for others to live better
Brushed away a tear and carried on
Repeat to fade