Перевод песни Jason Crabb – Worth It All

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I started on this journey, so many years ago*
I've come through grief and sorrow,
as I've traveled down life's road
I've pressed through times of trouble. Got up each time I'd fall.
But through tears and disappointment, It's been worth it all.
Every heartache, every trial — I'd do it all again
To get to where I'm going, and to stand here where I am.
I'm running for the finish line, but should I have to crawl
On my knees I claim the victory, shouting it is worth it all.
I see the lights before me. I know I'm nearing home.
I know who walks beside me, 'cause I've never been alone.
Each time my heart grew faint within me,
I could hear the Savior call:
«Travel on a little farther now, It will soon be worth it all».