Перевод песни Anadara – To The One

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
To the One
Who hung the stars up in the sky
Then painted all the colors in our eyes
Whose Spirit gives us life
To the One
Who counts each grain of desert sand
Holds the constellations in His hand
Fully God and fully man
We give our thanks, we give our praise
We would not breathe but for Your grace
We give our hearts, we give our souls
To the One who takes our brokenness
And makes us whole
To the One
To the One
Who made the moon to pull the tide
Calls us His beloved and His bride
We lift our praises high
To the One
Who became broken bread
And poured out wine
Who was and is and will be for all time
Oh, come be glorified
We bow our heads in reverence
For all that You have done
And we sing our praise, night and day
To the One