Перевод песни Scott Krippayne – Lyin'

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I could tell you that I've memorized the bible
And I don't ever struggle with a thing
Maybe say that find joy in every trail
And my mind has never wandered when I sing
I could say I spend eight hours praying everyday
I could tell you that I've almost figured out amazing grace
But what good would it do
It wouldn't be true
I'd be lyin' if I told you
That I'm anything but a sinner
If I don't say that I'm desperate
For a Savior and His grace
I'd be lyin' if I told you
That I never crash and burn
Cause I'm still trying to learn from my mistakes
And if I try to tell you anything else
I'd be lyin'
I could convince you that I've got it all together
And my witnessing is always a success
I've decided to keep bumping up my tithe
And it's just about at thirty-two percent
I could say I obey all the rules of the road
And when someone cuts me off I got my tongue under control
But why try to hide
These thorns in my side
Repeat Chorus
Who am I trying to impress
Why do I care what people think of me
The One who's always known me best
Loves me unconditionally
I'm a man that's in need
But He's strong where I'm weak
Repeat Chorus