Перевод песни Scott Krippayne – Leave Your Eyes Behind

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Did I hear you say you don't know the way
Not sure where you're going
Been looking around but still haven't found
Someone who can show you
You see a sign but can't decide
If the line points left or right
Sometimes the path to take will be A place that only your heart can see (so)
Leave your eyes behind
Leave your eyes behind
Seek and you will find
Leave your eyes behind
Holding your breath taking a step
Can be a little scary
Hearing a voice making a choice
Can be so overwhelming
Here we go, hold on tight
You never know unless you try
The road that leads to life can be A place that only your heart can see
Every day look inside
Walk by faith not by sight
And you know won't be traveling alone
Trust the one that paved the way home
He'll lead You where you need to go