Перевод песни Al Denson – In The Arms Of My Lord

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Weary from the wind against my dreams
Hurried by a world that's chasing me Searching for a place that I call home
A traveler who can't find his way home
I know that there's a place to lay my head
I know that I am lost sometimes and yet
Someone longs to hold me near their heart
Restoring life in me, a brand new start
In the arms of my Lord
I will learn how to fly
In the eyes of the storm
I'll rely upon your shelter
And when all my strength is gone
And when the road winds on too long
I will rest here awhile
In the arms of my Lord
I know not where this life is leading me But your word is a lamp unto my feet
Your love's a fire where I can warm my soul
Drift into your peace and just let go