Перевод песни Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution – One Love

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One love, that's how it is for me
One love, that's how it's got to be
One love, gotta try to keep it real
One love, one love
One love, one God, one destiny
Is good enough for me
Oh what a wonderful world this would be
If we all could live in harmony
One love, one unity
For the all the international community
One God, one aim, one destiny
It's the only way for you and me
On my knees I go down and pray
There must be a change for the better one day
And then forever Amen
Let's do it for the children
It's extraordinary when you check it out
Love is one of the most used words without a doubt
Singers use it constantly because a love song
Can make lots of money
So many people find it appealing
But do they really know the true meaning of love?
The real thing not no imitation
Not lust or infatuation
Let's forget about the love in the T. V
The kiss me baby, squeeze me, please don't leave me
True love is a heavenly gift
And it never gets possessive or selfish
The more you love is the more you care
The more you care is the more you share
With your mother, your father, your sister and your brother
And every member of the human race
If it's love that we want
And love that we need
Let there be love