Перевод песни Jared Mees & The Grown Children – Hungry Like a Tiger

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I'm breathin' good air through good lungs
With a good heart beatin'
And a problem ain't a problem
Unless you keep on feedin' it
‘Cause it's hungry like a tiger
We got that tiger by the toe
Unless it hollers for its mama
We ain't gonna let that tiger go Oh no
I'm breathin' good air in a warm home
It feels holy watching the snow
And the flat lines and our true loves
Are the two sure things we know
We feel lucky like a penny
Let some penny pinchers say
We can get drunk in the gutter
And still make somebody's day
Hey, hey
We've got those lungs that breathe and sigh
Please just give me the truth and a warm place to lie
And unflinching I'll give you the best years of my life
While the lungs make the melody
It's the cocktail kit in my chest cavity
That makes a simple beat that you can tap along in time
You can tap along in time
I'm breathin' good air in a warm car
On this midnight train from Eden
And the good lungs and the good hearts
All keep breathing and beating
They're beating two-four-six-eight
As they count up their blessings
And the things they appreciate
They're beatin' two-four-six-eight
As I count all the ways I love you
And the things I appreciate