Перевод песни Dyecrest – Failed One

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Chained spirit in the shadows
Fettered by shame
Incarcerated by the only one
Who knows his real name
Give the ravens a treat
And let it be Naught but the bones
Escape scot-free
Deny the growth of your own seed
The thrill of flying was better than in my dreams
Now but the pain in my fractured wings
Enter the real world, weak one
You are to rot till your kingdom come
Let the dirt wash away
There's no one for you to stay
Stream can take it all away
Take it away
Let the filth wash away
You can't live with all this shame
Avert your eyes and walk away
Walk away
Your bloodstained hands can be washed
Your own blood that it is With oblivion comes relief
Leave the failed one in the shades
Fragile shell turns to dust, day by day