Перевод песни Typhoon – Belly of the Cavern

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I was lost out in the mountains
And I had run out of provisions
I had one drop left in my deerskin
And I had come to my last decision
Should I lie down
Oh, should I lie down
Or should I be laid down
I had set out in the first place
From what I gathered from rumored hearsay
I heard of treasure in a high cave
On the northern slopes of the coast range
So I climbed up Oh, so I climbed up But I didn't know how to climb down
So I wandered through the foliage
I came across my own tracks and I became discouraged
And then at long last I found a cavern
I crawled inside and I lit my lantern
And it was all there
Oh, it was all there
Just like they told me it would be there
I was lost out in the mountains
I had no water nothing to eat
So I drank the soil from a golden chalice
I gritted precious stones between my teeth
And I regretted my lonesome palace
I should have never listened to others' tales
All I had left was a priceless ballast
To hold me down from the howling gales
And in my mouth there burned a fire
I was dying of a long long draught
But then a voice whistled across the mouth of my cavern
And it said to me it said that without a doubt
You will settle
You will settle by the water before this is over
This is over
This is over
This is over
This is over
All my life I've spent wasting time, wasting my time
Just to forget again but I don't mind, I don't mind
I'll just take my medicine and I'll be fine, I will be fine
I'll be fine