Перевод песни TobyMac – Changed Forever (Feat. Nirva Ready)

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I heard Your name, but never seen Your face
Been touched before but never Your embrace
Had a soul to lose and the world to gain
But then You whispered my name
And I heard the truth but never from Your lips
Bought the lies of many counterfeits
Dreamed my dreams, but they were never in color
And I searched for You in many others
I was down for the count
Then I saw Your face
Just a glimpse of Your face, and my whole world changed
Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever
Changed forever now
Then I saw Your face
One glimpse of Your face, it's a whole new game
Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever
Yours forever now
If I could reach the stars, I could touch the sky
And if I spread my wings, I could almost fly
I had everything paper could buy
I was lost in my disguise
And if I played my role, they would feel my style
If I bought the night they would buy my smile
I've been runnin' this game for a million miles
Believin' my own lies
I was down, I was out
I was blinded by my selfish dreams
Everything ain't what it seems
From inside to out, there ain't no doubt
I been changed
Nothing short of satisfaction
Your love caused a change reaction
I can tell you this much I felt your touch
And I'm changed
When I was down for the count, Your love surrounded me Blink of an eye
I saw my destiny
Change, rearranged ‘cause I couldn't maintain
The heart it took to even stay in the game
One look in Your eyes even I realized
A fellow like me had been put down to size
To be built up in a better way, Your way
Yahweh ain't about to fade
Bombastic, ain't no way to mask it I saw Your face, and my old way's blasted
I'm Yours forever now
(Featuring Nirva Ready)
«This song has been around the block. It was going to be on Diverse City (2004),
but didn't make it. Then it reemerged for Portable Sounds (2007),
but didn't make it. I've always loved it, but I just never nailed the
recording process or the production process. But I felt like we nailed it this
time. The song is about the thought of seeing God's face and in an instant
being changed. The idea originated at a Brennan Manning retreat we did a long
time ago—a no communication retreat; we could only talk at dinner.
At that retreat, that's one of the first times I feel like I saw God's face;
I feel like he gave me a glimpse of Daddy's love. It's a little crazy,
but I just imagined Him stroking my head. That's where the thought came from,
‘Then I saw your face, and I was changed forever.' I've always held onto that
image.» — tobyMac