Перевод песни Mannheim Steamroller – Carol Of The Birds

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Whence comes this rush of wings afar
Following straight the NoÎl star?
Birds from the woods, in wondrous flight
Bethlehem seek this Holy Night
«Tell us, ye birds, why come ye here
Into this stable, poor and drear?»
«Hast'ning, we seek the new-born King
And all our sweetest music bring.»
Hark! how the greenfinch bears his part
Philomel, too, with tender heart
Chants from her leafy dark retreat
Re, mi, fa, sol, in accents sweet
Angels and shepherds, birds of the sky
Come where the Son of God doth lie;
Christ on earth with man doth dwell
Join in the shout, «Noël, Noël!»
French version and alternate translation
Voici l'étoile de Noël!
Quel est ce bruit sur la maison?
C'est une troupe d'oiselets
À Bethlehem vont deux a deux
Dans l'etable òu le Roi Du Ceil
Dort entre l'ane et le boeuf brun
Pourquoi venez-vous donc, oiseaux?
«Nous venons pour adorer Dieu!»
Pour honorer le Fils De Dieu
Venez en grande dévotion
Anges, berges, oiseaux du ceil
Chantez Noël! Chantez Noël!
Here is the Christmas star!
What is this noise on the house?
It's a flock of little birds
Going to Bethlehem two by two
Into the stable where the King of Heaven
Sleeps between the donkey and the brown ox Why do you come, then, birds?
«We come to worship God!»
To honor the Son of God
Come with great devotion
Angels, villagers, birds of the sky!
Sing Noël! Sing Noël!