Перевод песни You Me At Six – Take Your Breath Away

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It's worse, worse than you think
If truth be told
I'll tell you that you're lovesick
I am sweet, so everybody takes a bite
Dig in, I'm the catalyst of your demise
Words are cheap so I'll sell you a line
Like the way you acted that night
Second best, is what, what you want then
It won't cost that much, but me
I've got you hanging on every word I say
But that don't mean a thing
And you love the way I take your breath away
So I'll take your breath away
Have you had, had your day?
Move close, and I'll push you away
Play it safe
For the sake of keeping some face
Play it safe
In the name of keeping your place
Do what, what I tell you to
With arms we'll carry this through
Can't wait, can't wait to see you
Oh I only have eyes for you
And it's so true
Oh I only have eyes for you
It's the truth, it's the truth
So true. (4x)
And I only have eyes for you
And I only have eyes for you