Перевод песни Cameo – I Just Want To Be

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I just wanna be what you want me to be.
Would you like to see what you want me to be.
I just wanna be what you want me to be.
I'll be your freeky deek if want me to be.
If you want me to, I'll do it.
If you want to dance lets get to it.
Let's not take too long let's move it.
Cause if you take too long, you lose it.
Who said that funk was done just by one.
Who said that it was never ever done.
Who said a group like us couldn't groove.
It wasn't me so maybe it was you.
Music is here for everyone.
Just to dance just to have some fun.
Just because we did this before.
Doesn't mean we can't have some more.
Repeat Chorus]
Play my music loud I'll do my dance for you.
Cause when the music's pumpin its hard to tell what we're gonna do.
If you think you can we'll dance and step alnight.
Cause the pleasure I can give will make things stand outright.
Repeat bridge]
repeat chorus]
Music will make things turn out right
And i will dance till the broad day light
Feel my body fulfill your needs
Cause I know you're hungry
And I'm here to feed
repeat chrus and bridge to fade]
end of song]