Перевод песни Cameo – Funk Funk

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Get up
We are eternal funk
Alias 'The Formaldehyde Funkmen"
You can’t see us, but you can feel us
(Get up on the funk funk)
Get up
(Funk, funk, funk, funk)
(Feel it begin to rock rock. Rock Rock… Rock Rock)
(If you’re tired of the same ol' sound)
Get up on the Cameo sound!
('Cause we are living funk funk, funk funk. funk funk)
C’mon, dig the funky horns
Horn Break
«It is our will to let you know that we exist… so don’t resist…
Let it all hang out. Huh, don’t be a dead boogie, baby!»
Ya dig my heavy drift … Ya dig my heavy drift …
My drift’s too hip to resist… My drift’s too hip to resist…
To get off on is a trip… To get off on is a trip… FUNK FUNK
If you can do with me I can do with you, just like 2 supposed to do. Hey, heeey.
This sure ain’t none of the P Funk… it’s gettin' down on the C Funk
Cause we are living funk funk. Funk funk. Funk Funk!!! Haaaayyyyy!
Horn Break
We can be funky as we want to be and can be funkier than that! We were here
before you felt the funk. And we will be hear after the funky feelin’s gone!
I’m stretchin' out on the floor! … I’m stretchin' out on the floor
It feels too good to ignore … It feels too good to ignore
Sweats all over my face, baby … Sweats all over my face
… It’s a crazy place!
Horn Break —
I’m breakin' out on the floor again, baby … Da-nah nah naa- nah naaaaaa…
It feels too good to ignore … Da-nah nah naa- nah naaaaaa…
Sweats all over my face … Da-nah nah naa- nah naaaaaa…
Funk Funk… It’s a crazy place!
Horn Break