Перевод песни King Tee – Time To Get Out

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Now this is for the gangsters, now trip
A message to the Bloods and the Crips
It's time to get out because a lot of things changed
The way it used to be, well, today it ain't the same
You got the Blood gang shootin up churches and shit
L.A. and Compton don't mix, so it's Crips fightin Crips
Back in the days it was whites against 'coloreds'
Now you got brothers just killin each other
And drive-by shooting's like a sport for you now
But when you shoot for your victim with him you hit a child
I gotta ask ya: how do you feel after that?
You brothers blow wind in your gat
Like you was John Wayne or Clint Eastwood
You shot another black for your hood
Get caught, you wanna cry like a ass
I kinda giggle when the white man laughs
Not too long ago you had to fight for your territory
Toe to toe and a gun was a different story
I guess you can't squabble no mo'
Your fist is a .44
But on the real, hops, I'm on the same boat
But the Man got us all by the throat
And since I got the power to deliver this to ya
I'mma tell ya like it is, I won't fool ya I want you to Stop fighting and come together as one
(It's time to get out)
Unity is what we need, get your job done
Now you're out drunk, cold wildin
Kill another brother, on your neck is a medaillon
That resembles the shape of the motherland
But let me tell you where my color stands
Black is you, black is me And black is creativity
Black is present and black is past
And black is of a higher class
Black is kings and black is queens
Black is what the sunset brings
Black is rap and black is soul
Black is even rock 'n roll
Check it, black is locks, black is braids
Black is men with high top fades
Black is love, black is devine
Black is first of all mankind
So Stop fighting and come together as one
(Get out)
Unity is what we need to get the job done
(All together now)
Stop fighting and come together as one
(Go ahead and get out)
Unity is what we need to get the job done
Come together, brother
And have unity, you know what I'm sayin?
On the strength
Word to the mother
To the motherland, youknowmsayin?
(All together now)
We don't need ???
(All together now)
All we need is a chance
Go ahead and get out
We don't need ???
What we need is a chance