Перевод песни In Aviate – Awake

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We tied these ties with strands of Purest white and blue. We gave our
Days of brightest flashing light
And youth. We hide our lives to Keep their eyes from knowing
Truth. Am I losing touch with the
Hands that have always held me up? A change in shape to fit the
Situation, the same last name, but
There is no relation. (All the
Moves our bodies make can't take
Away the words we used to say and
Make this up to you. All the moves that were mistakes won't
Recompense the love we try to take
Without paying our dues.) I Remember things you said, I never
Knew what you meant. I turned my face away and let you separate the
Blame. Between the nights and days
These thoughts are keeping me Awake. I've noticed lately I can't
See clear and I speak too plainly. Does it take the taste away? Your
Life's succession should not be Based on your possessions or the
Amount of the money that you've
Made. I have got so much to say
But I can't seem to find a way to Make my face display what it has always meant to say. Between the
Nights and days these thoughts are
Keeping me awake. All my dreams
Aren't what they seem