Перевод песни In Aviate – The Quickening

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Godspeed us to save this place
Godspeed us to states of grace
Fate is something that I pray stays stronger than your self restraint
We all have eyes but few can see that we're already in the place to be Let's write out doubt so gracefully
The living rhythms start again with yet another night to spend on unseen wires
and window panes
We can share the same last name
If these lines could rearrange to redesign a perfect frame, pictures painting
us in place, breathing life; exhaling space
Don't you know that your best friends don't make you question your confidence?
But don't let it bruise your ego
Bad boy, where to go? What to Prove? Don't you know those who move fast always
fall? In pride, in shame, inside it all feels the same. Godspeed for one more