Перевод песни J-Live – After

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Know what I'm saying yeah
The Hear After
Gotta thank everybody that's been supporting me
Holding me down for all these years
You know what I'm saying
Every morning I wake with enough aches
You'd think I was sleeping with a wrench in my back
But its a two year old elbow to be exact
Crack of dawn
Me and my earth be under attack
See from three deep to five deep
And two years with no sleep
And no beef
My baby's bedtime smiles are so sweet
Brush teeth, potty training
Wash up, diaper changing
Push ups, stretching, contemplate today's lessons
Kids dressed in more colors than Mike and Ike
Breakfast smelling right, watching Mike and Mike
Enter the chamber of the live one
My life is like a black and white sitcom
More calm
Yeah right, not quite
I cherish moments that I'm not under the spotlight
I love what I do but see tours take eternities
I'm gone one week and Molly's grown two feet
(?) got new speaks, (?) bringing in new teeth
Struggling for balance between work and family
Money versus time, beats versus rhymes
Yours versus mine
Making you grind versus sparking your mind
Heat from the Earth's core versus the sunshine
The Best Part versus All Of The Above
Always has been, always will be, almost killed me
Yet it still be he necessary chapter
For me to move on
Closer to The Hear After
After its all said and done
You can hear and see a legacy
Not ironically, dating back to longevity
With steady bops rocking steadily
Whether the disks rotate light or heavily
After I'm home from a long day's work
Paychecks determine if it be a smile or a smirk
That I'm greeted with
I can't be feeding kids with stories of being jerked
That's why when you try, you go beserk
Hustling hard to bring plans full circle
Like this here beat, feel free to critique
The entrance was too long, the exit too short
But its my way or the highway
So fuck what you thought
I'm after the gold, and after the platinum
No wait damn
I promise no more quotes while I'm rapping
But wait, I'm after the platinum, after the gold
After those records fail with a few hundred thousand records sold
I'm after the opening before the top billing
Mr. In Between, but that another sorry scene
After all that I've done, I'm almost famous like
Ay, yo are you for real man? You've never heard of son? Damn
At least m sons and daughters will have heard a chord or two
If I never live to see another day
Show them just another way to live forever
I'll bet whatever their endeavors
They'll grow to be at least three times as clever
After the sun sets on my rap career
I'll be satisfied with the long ride to reach your ear
With those that hold it dear
But that day is at least nowhere near
For least another ten years yeah
In between times during these mean times
Rewind it back so you can analyze this and that
What you don't hear now, you hear after
I'm rapping, then run up on me like
«Then what happened»