Перевод песни J-Live – Here

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Still ain't the word to play
Still the first word heard when you play a CD by J
Still is what ya can't be if you're live as me
Wide awake third eye moving rapidly
Rappin, rougher than rap and smoother than Anita Baker's Rapture
Well-rounded MC
Actin' not but (?) action stop
Wisdom by the barrel under lock and key
Capture words, attack your nerves
And make them slaves to the rhythm
If ya listen you'll be setting them free
(?) then the god I be
If its just I see the equality over quantity
If its no fool's gold, not a prob for me
It's more than a job for me
If it was, I'd be more than a temp you see
Dedicated by (?)
OD on the dope beat E A T
Soulive and J-Live on the MPC
FYI this be album three
(?) triple threat never run MD
Go to produce, DJ, and MC
Truth seeker where the place to be
Where the spot (?) and come ya'll
Where the part known as the best ya'll
Matter of a fact turn it up so ya'll
Been on the job since 1995
Changed the game since the moment I arrived and
Setbacks and pitfalls I survived and
Who leave a diamond in the rough so jaded
Green with envy as the next man who made it
But I remain unfazed, unfaded
Keepin' my hands on the mircophone
Settin' the tone like a blade to a whetstone
Before my bills get paid skills get honed
You can't get taht might as well get gone
Cause right here be the place where
And short term ambitions are replaced there
Cause man listen while you dissin'
We go from transition
To booth dishin'
It be the same old wishin' with a new vision
And I see
To a place where a knowledge of self
Is promoted by the (?) being pushed by the people with wealth
And the bass-ackwards, junk food rappers
Aren't the only one recognized up on the shelf
And the people in the club got a chance to
Dance to something that maintains a little bit of self respect
Cause the people in the booth with the ears on the youth
Really care about the music that you
Maybe then the J-Live aid
When you let the radio rage
And the dopest MC's get slayed
Matter fact turn it up all the way
Get a little bit of this underground
Underrated, unexaggerated, appreciated
Anticipated even though we're still underestimated
Get up under the influence of the most fluent students of life
No man alive graduated
In this class super senior, the celebrated
Get up under the undercurrent
Under current events of one nation under currency
I'll serve you a mental death sentence concurrently
Get some of this potion
The most potent, important, imported
From a place where the taste make you swim for it
Get your good foot up on the good ship, craftsmanship
Set sail roundtrip
From the mind to the lip to the ear to the mind
Never mind the blind leading the dumb
Till the only ones left are the deaf and the doped up
Till the deaf and dumb give their hopes up not
You in a place where we skippin' over
The worst part where land so desolate
And the pessimists stuck on stressin' it
And the outsiders that make a mess of it
This The Hear After, the next testament
I know the mic sound right
Fuck testin' it
I just get on the beat and start blessin' it
Thats the intro enjoy the rest of it