Перевод песни J-Live – Coming Home (featuring Dwele)

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Yeah, one-two, ah one-two
Mic check one-two one-two
Can I get a soundcheck
One-two uh one-two
But too much has been soundchecked
Eat, sleep, showtime
Sleep, Eat, on to the next spot
Very little rest got
Radios, interviews, in-store, DJ guest spot
Lovin' my job but still stressed out
But last night was the last night
Sold out of merchandise, sold out crowds, so damn loud
So damn proud
To be on stage, rockin' for ya'll
But deep down I could be out now
Cause I been waiting for this
A cap and gown came with it but
I'm just Timbos, hoody and brown fitted
Overdressed for the southern climate I admit it
But when I land it'll be chilly in Philly
I'm type shook, left the hotel late
Seen the highway signs for the airport
I knew I'd be straight
I won't be right till I'm at my gate
I'm bout to board my flight
Lands at seven, I'll be home by eight
I can't wait
Just in time to kiss my bitties goodnight
Hit the fridge grab a home cooked bite
Hit my own shower, baby hit the lights
Tuck the kids in
Throw on some Dwele let the games begin
Chorus: Dwele
Came here to get off tour
There's never been a time
That I needed you more
I find myself at night
Wishing I could be home
One day you will find true
Soon you won't be alone
I'm coming home, home
Can't wait to get back home to ya (home to ya) x3
Verse 2: J-Live
Feel like I been around the world and back
In eighty days since I seen you
But it hasn't even been half that
Now that I'm home in (?)girl I feel blessed to get this
Little bit of time to put my nose on your necklace
I'm obsessed with your freshness
Tea tree, shae butter, sun, live session
Holding you like my most worldly possession
Spoil you tonight like it was my profession
Confessin' that you miss me
Well I missed you too
Cause you got what it takes to keep me awake
Daydreaming of earthquakes and torrential rains
Unmeasurable treasure through pleasure and pain
I make you feel like you'll never feel better than
Like 007 you'll never say never again
I'm so glad to be back in town
You been holding me down
My greatest love and my true best friend
Chorus: Dwele
I'm glad to be off tour
There's never been a time that I needed you more
Tonight I (?)
The habits finally you
You don't have to be alone
(Hook x2)