Перевод песни Necromantia – For The Elder Magi: I-Eibon The Necromancer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Hark to the rune of death
Mage of past ages
Bishop of the serpent race
Eibon, tamer of the dead
Cast your mighty spells once more
For thy kingdom is at peril
Summon the dead from worlds beyond
The chaos spirits from alien worlds
The fields that separate the suns
Will engulf our land in blackness
So send your magic through the mists
And save us from destruction
From the web of darkness
Invoke the soul of the vulture
And from the pits Saturn
Conjure the locus of the Night
Praise to the mighty Eibon
The devious Necromancer
Guardian of the 7 spheres
Protector of the Dream World
Praise to the mighty Eibon
The father of our heathen race
Powerful Daemon Master
Destroyer of our sorrow