Перевод песни Les Misérables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast – Drink With Me

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We meet again. You've hungered for this for your life, take your revenge,
how right you should kill with a knife. You talk to much, your life is safe in my hands. I don't understand. Get out of here. Valjean take care,
i'm warning you. clear out of here. once a thief forever a thief,
what you want you always steal, you would trade your life for mine?
Yes you want a deal, shoot me now for all i care, if you let me go, beware!
You'll still answer to Javert! You are wrong, and always have been wrong,
i'm a man, no worse than any man, and you are free, and there are no conditions, no bargains, or petitions, there's not a thing that i blame you for,
you've done your duty nothing more, if i come out of this alive,
you will find me at number 55 rue plumet, no doubt our paths will cross again.
Go! Feuilly
Drink with me To days gone by Sing with me The songs we knew
Here's to pretty girls
Who went to our heads
Here's to witty girls
Who went to our beds
Here's to them
And here's to you!
Drink with me To days gone by Can it be You fear to die?
Will the world remember you
When you fall?
Could it be your death
Means nothing at all?
Is your life just one more lie?
Drink with me To days
Gone by To the life
That used
To be Let the wine of friendship
Never run dry Women
Drink with me To days
Gone by To the life
That used
To be At the shrine of friendship
Never say die
Here's to you
And here's
To me...
Do I care if I should die
Now she goes across the sea?
Life without Cosette
Means nothing at all
Would you weep, Cosette,
Should Marius fall?
Will you weep,
For me?