Перевод песни Les Misérables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast – The Wedding Chorale/Beggars At The Feast

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Ring out the bells upon this day of days
May all the angels of the Lord above
In jubiliation sing their song of praise
And crown this blessed time with peace and love.
Ain't it a laugh ain't it a treat
hob nobbin' ere among the elite
there goes a prince, there goes a jew
this one's a queer what can you do Paris at my feet Paris in the dust
And here's me the breaking bread with the upper crust
Beggars at the feast master of the dance
Life is esay pickings if you grab your chance
Everywhere you go law abiding folk
Doing what is decent but they're mostly broke
Singing to the Lord on Sunday's
Praying for the gifts he'll send.
But we're the ones who take it We're the ones who make it in the end.
Watch the buggars dance watch 'em till they drop keep your wits about you and
you'll stand on top masters of the land always get your share clear away the
barricades and we're still there we know where the wind is blowing,
money is the stuff we smell and when we're rich as Croesus Jesus won't we see
you all in hell.