Перевод песни Les Misérables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast – First Attack

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Here comes a man in uniform,
What brings you to this place?
I come here as a volunteer
That look upon your face
You wear an army uniform
That's why they let me through
You've got some years behind you, sir
There's much that I can do You see that prisoner over there
A volunteer like you
A spy who calls himself Javert
He's gonna get it too
They're getting ready to attack
Take this and use it well
But if you shoot us in the back
You'll never live to tell
Platoon of sappers advancing towards the barricade!
Troops behind them, fifty men or more!
See how they run away!
By God we've won the day!
They will be back again,
Make an attack again.
For your presence of mind
For the deed you have done
I will thank you M'sieur
When our battle is won.
Give me no thanks M'sieur
There is something that you can do.
If it is in my power...
Give me the spy Javert
Let me take care of him
The law is inside out
The world is upside down
Do what you have to do,
The man belongs to you.
The enemy may be regrouping. Hold yourself in readiness.
Come my friends, back to your positions.
The night is falling fast...