Перевод песни Natty – Hey Man

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Fates on a mission and I? m riding shotgun, man
I? m looking for a revolution in these stale plastic decades, man
All he bombs and drugs don? t seem to penetrate, man
All our minds being neutralised by these fucking Playstations, man
My father? s generation they had fire in their bellies, man
We sit there like living room furniture in front of our tellies man
I don? t know about you but me and me, I? m a suffering man
While these dreams of reaching dreams seem all too distant, man
Sometimes I wish I didn? t know about Marcus Mandela and Marley man
Cause now I? m looking for a leader, well hey, I? m still looking man
While I keep breathing and I? m still seeking, but I don? t have a plan man
With these lost shadows and these broken souls of our generations man
There? s fire on the roads and there? s no one at home man
We still knocking on the door and wonder why there? s no answer man
Well I? m down if your down so let? s bring down this bigger man
And like these youths today you see me, I? m just trying to be a man
And like these youths on road you see me, I? m just trying to be a man
Hey man
(Hey, hey)
Hey man