Перевод песни Your Demise – TF

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Don't worry, I'm always here for you
You're everything I want to come back to So this is what it's like to feel alive
Cos everyone around me could about fucking die
No passing, no more energy
To even breathe a single word
It's always the way, that you'll soon find out
Someone's not what they seemed at first
Sick of cold stares and freezing words
Dragged along till there's nothing left
I'd given all that I had to someone nothing like you
This time I'm here till my last breath
I need someone to come back to But most of all that person needs to be you
I feel I've wasted away what I cherish now
It's been a long few years and I don't know how
I've wasted a feeling I'm about to drown in with you
I need someone to come back to But must of all that person needs to be you
This feels like a different heart
Because now this feels so real
Being miles away every single day
Never felt like such a thrill
It can feel so shit, but what can you do As every time I'm back, I'm coming back for you
And that's the way I want it after everything I do
I just hoped for that feeling of sanctuary
And when I look up, it's looking back at me