Перевод песни Your Demise – Dreaming Of Believing

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Exhausted, too tired to feel tired
This steam's still blowing off
How the fuck do I think I can hold myself together
There's no way to stay on top
My eyes are wired, my hearts beating slow
My head's confused, doesn't know where to go Twisting and turning to find a way out
But my head's in a place where nobody knows
My heads in the clouds, dreaming of believing
But these dreams don't last that long
I can't sleep, it makes me sink like an anchor
I'm deep into something that won't feel wrong
Now my head's coming out, I wonder what it's all about
Try to figure what my body's done to me Lay my head on the pillow and hope for the best
Because when I think of you, I feel I might just sleep
Hopeless messages to a brain that can't even process thoughts
How the fuck do I intend on making my choice?
I've now spent most my life, dreaming of believing
When's the time to step up and use my fucking voice?
I'm going out of my mind
Spent most my life under the weather the other half under the thumb
As the world went rushing by, I told myself those same nonsensical lies
And all the while you were right here in front of my eyes