Перевод песни Mystic Circle – The Grim Reaper

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The angel of death
Comes in the night
It wraps it's wings around you
The darkness seduces the soul
Numbness takes control to you
The garment of eternity encloses you
There's no more pain and agony you feel
Then he stands before you
The eyes cold and empty
He is here to get you
The ferryman is ready
For your final walk
A servant of the grim reaper
The eyes of death are looking at you
Only seconds then the waiting ends
Lost in the storm of incertitude
Stepped in the realm of darkness
Shadows of infinity all in one room
Voices from the depths are calling for you
The gravity of the damnation
The load of baneful sins
The agony of the pain of life
That you have to suffer
Now you stand
At the river of death
The ferryman awaits
He will lead you
On your last ride