Перевод песни Ritual carnage – The unjust

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Slit the throat, of the slanderer, I will smother your soul
Commanding, the hordes of chaos, lay your soul to waste
Just like a cancer, the brain it invades, destroys, the source of thought
Eternal battle, of spirit and flesh, indulge, in the 7 sins
False, hope, lies, christ, he, died
Behold the cross, sign of the weak, brun the bible
Rabbi or priest, with my sword, I slay
There is no life, beyond your grave, no, salvation in sight
Cursed are the lambs, rodents of christ, they, shall fall like bricks
I trample, the righteous pig, punish, those who preach
I spit upon, the star of the jews, the unjust must die
The unjust must die!!!