Перевод песни The Mitchell Brothers – G.o.r.g.i.e.

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I got four and a half grand from FIT
I got £2,300 for that remix
I've gotta pay 935 for this sofa
And I'm still waiting for my accountant to get that check for £6,200
And I made £1600 on that SLK
And oh yeah, yeah, I gotta sign on
£70 is still £70 I tell ya I ain't goin' in that place mate, ahh
Stinks of piss man!
You gotta claim the dole ya cunt!
If I ain't claiming the dole, my name ain't ??
I'm running a record label 'ere!
I gotta have a few good in my pocket.
I've had enough of seeking a job
And claiming Jobseekers allowance
I'm impatient so I'm allowin' it Every fortnight, I gotta sit?
In a Portsmouth shirt and a badge with her first name on it She boffels for time, close enough to 1 hour
Does fuck all but mumbles while clicking on a mouse
Twisting her screen, towards me, so I can see
A long list of vacancies, that pay pittance fees
Every time I try and tell her 'I ain't working for a ?'
From 11 to 3, or from 9 to 5
She sits back in her seat, rolls her eyes and sighs
Saying I need to fix up, cos I'm gunna be 25
How the fuck can this bitch tell me how to live my life?
Like i'm an illiterate kid that can't read or write?
All of this for a gorgie, your £44 a week
Fuck the DSS and your gorgie, you can keep it
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
Quatre of an ounce of skunk a week and my gorgie is done
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
That's a brand spanking new pair of Nike air max and my ge#orgie is done
All the advisers have gone on their lunch
It's now 12.30, they'll be back at 1
I've been in here for 1 hour, i'm done!
If only I woke up when my alarm rung
I would not have been 10 minutes late, sittin, pissed!
Referred by this cunt on the phone talking shit!
He could have just signed me and handled this quick
Instead, looks me up and down like i'm a prick!
Every 2 weeks on Wednesday i'm here flippin' (.screwin?)
Booklet in hand, pushin buttons or queuing
They're either gossiping or interviewing
They always ignore your queries when you're new in Oh here she comes through the front entrance doors
Shirley's her name, ??
? or retail I hate lookin for
For £4.30 an hour that is poor!
I might as well hustle my giro, withdraw!
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
That's a couple of bottles of wine in market bar and my gorgie is done
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
Stone Island t-shirt from selfridges and my gorgie is done
Or alternatively, I could shot rocks outside Camden tube station
Hang on a minute... I swear you can still sign on when you're selling drugs?
That's the fucking beauty of it!
The DSS stands for 'Dick head sitting still'
That's what they do behind their desk, just sit still
Bellin' me about an interview for new deal
While i'm down at my lawyers about to sign a new deal
They're under the impression i'm a lazy git
Like i just cotch indoors all day blazin spliffs
But little do they kno, i spit for a pay roll
In Cambridge, Manchester, Nottingham, and Bristol
They want me, to button up, my Ralph shirts, and my tie
Be right, there on time, 1 on 1, why 9?
With a reference, and my CV and my P45
To provide some bit of evidence of how i've been getting by To see if i'm lying, but i'm just, too smart
Tryin to stare me deep in the eyes to catch me off guard
But i'm making this claim, no way would I change
You can put me on new deal, i'll claim, again
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
Thats 3 new dvd's from HMV and my gorgie is done
£44 a week to live on, £88 a fortnight
Thats ISS and FIFA on PS2 and my gorgie is done