Перевод песни The Mitchell Brothers – When The Whistle Blows

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Oi ref! You blatantly saw his left leg
Clipping Ryan in the box, that's a red
He was one on one with the keeper
Have a word with the linesman flagging on your left
I mean they should be playing with 10 men
He was well past the line, past defence
What the fuck are they saying?
Come on what's the delay?
Send him off to the, the bench!
What do you mean he was fucking offside?
Ain't you flippin opened your eyes?
He was through on the ball
And his right foot to score in the top corner to equalise
Ref he should be taking the spot kick
Are you a fucking alcoholic?
You was metres away, mate give us a break
We don't take it out of your pocket
That's fucking out of order ref, how come?
You were quick to book him, what has he done?
What do you mean for dissent and recent comments when?
I was just having some fun
He just shakes his head
And fucking walks away
There's 10 minutes left
It's always his way
Every time we've met
He's fucked up the day
Without the referee it'd be a fairer game!
It's common sense lads, fucking common sense
All the fucking balls stay on offence
Defence, defend, we've only got 20 to go till the end
What is the keeper playing at?
Stay on your fucking line, Matt stay on his back!
Fucking tackle! What do you mean your ankle?
Ref's pulling your leg, I can see from this angle
That's not a fucking card. Fuck off, never!
He's not fucking hurt, he's trying to be fucking clever
Hold your tongue Paul son, keep it together
Or that could be you in the fucking black book
And that's far from a fucking happy look
We dropped down the drain, fancy getting some hooks
Fuck's sake is he off, or is he off the hook?
Only a fucking caution, nearly had me shook
But a free kick in our direction
Right at the edge of the box we'll need protection
Oh shit El Guerro takes it in discretion
Come on boys sort out your fucking selection
He places the ball
Then goes takes six steps back
There's a hole in the wall
Someone please fill the gap
If he fucking scores
I'll be facing the sack
Not to mention my head in the Sun getting axed
Fucking hell keeper, keep on your toes
He's gonna swing it up in the corner, here he goes
On your right son, shit I can read his flow
Its curling, its curling, don't let it go
Oh fuck no. I fucking knew it
I fucking knew it. We've gone and blew it
At 5 on the clock we had the game in the bag
Was winning the nag, now we're heading out
Must have had the right idea, we're scratching our heads in doubt
I've gone down the drain, and another round
When me and the lads all meet down the Flushing Dam
2 Minutes left, might as well check the oven now
Who? Us? When? How? I mean who got fouled?
A fucking penalty, now we're in with a shout
I can't believe it, come on Jase do us proud
Come on mate, come on mate, to your left!
To your left mate! Come on! You can do it!
What the f' what the' what the fucks wrong with this TV?