Перевод песни ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Time and Again

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Well I had this crazy feeling that I've lost you again
Looked around and found out where you are
Turned around and caught you frown and standing on the street
Just a chord on your guitar
Well I took you to the paces that I've been to as a kid
The city where the sidewalks never lie
Drifted through the crowd, I saw you glancing away
Terrified to meet my eyes
We'll help you understand the world, we easily turned away
If you need me to, I'm happy to oblige
But somehow I can sense that you were lost and hesitant
In the sound of your denial
And I know too well the strain of losing, somebody tried to say
Friends of ours that vow to bitter end
To have our best put to the test and knowing that we'll fail to adapt
Time and again
Felt it time and again
Felt it time and again