Перевод песни Jacks Of All Trades – The lies and the truth

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So many years we've been avoiding it This confortation has been your goal
Finding myself could be harder
Than finding a way to cure my soul
Harder than fighting alone against you
Thin line between the lies and the truth
So if I got lost once or twise don't blame me There's only one thing left that can save me
I'll be broken by the day
When water get's so high
I can't breathe air now
Take it all away and leave me bleeding
All this time has been a nightmare
So confusing, so unfair
You fed me garbage with a silver spoon
I said: «gladly, I'll be your tool
You look so good I wanna be like you
Talk like you, forget the truth
Friends, what? I don't think I need 'em
I'm fine on my own they just wanna reason»