Перевод песни Jacks Of All Trades – Black list of no good

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Take a chance in this life
A little romance
Break me down, pick me up Come on slow dance
What did I do to deserve all you've taken from me You're a timebomb and now you're tickin away
Tick, tick, tick, kaboom
There you go now
Used me as a tool
You better slow down
Talkin' behind my back ' that might
Let me like use rag ' not ---
Cut my wings I'll go down, that's how your expectations feel now
When you put me in a cage with my face on the page of your blacklist of no good
Everybody has to go through this life
Everybody has to go past that line
We all leave our little mark on society
I make music, you point your fingers at me Ain't it funny how you thought I was the devil
Running free, lookin like a rebel
Well if you've got a balk in your eye
How can you see the mote in mine