Перевод песни Mansions – I Told A Lie

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I told a lie, I told a great big fucking lie
Made you come over to drive him home that night
While we were getting drunk and he was getting high
And I lied and said I loved you while I touched her thighs
And it wasn't true, baby, it was far from true
When you went out of town, and I said that I missed you
I am so ashamed, what an awful thing to do
But as soon as you were gone, I made my move
And I know someday you'll find out what went down
Can't keep a secret in this town
Sooner or later word gets around around around
I let you go, yeah I know I let you go
And it was because I just couldn't let you know
All of those things that my bedroom mirror showed
So I told you it was nothing personal