Перевод песни Mansions – Millions Of Pieces

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I never thought of you as much of a friend
As much of an audience, gal
You always meant a little more than them
A lot more than they did, gal
I wanna split you up in millions of pieces
Like grains of white sand on the shores of the beaches
And write a song about each one
If there ever was a time that I needed you
Then baby, I need you right now
Everyone else disappoints me, but you have never let me down
If there ever was a time that I needed you, it's now
I used to spend my nights walking around town
Looking for trouble, gal
Sometimes I'd find it and I'd fall to the ground when I saw the sunrise, gal
You saved me from breaking into millions of pieces
Dancefloors and beer bottles, meaningless kisses
And I don't miss a single one
I never want you to be erasing me I never want your heart to be breaking
I never want us to ever be apart
And I don't think I could live without you, so please don't ever go Cause I need you now, and that, you should know