Перевод песни Freeze – Extremities

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Everything in life corrodes
My parent's both will die
Evrrything must have an end
I'm braced for it's goodbye
I've danced on mountaintops
Washed up in other shores
Lived alone with lepers
Even tasted of their sores
Until one day a girl I chose
To give all my trust to
Turned and with that of hers
She said I don't need you
Well i used to love extremities
They used to be such fun
Until the adventurer inside Of me
Got shot down
By her gun
Now I sell flowers the community loves me dear
I try to helpful every single day of the year
Im a pillar of a parent with
A smiling foster son
My only aim in life is to tell
Hum all the thing's I've done
I never forgot that girl i chose
To give all my trust to
How she turned and with that smile of hers
And said i dont need you
Well I used to love extremities
Now my life just isn't fun
Since the adventurer inside if me got shot down
By my own gun