Перевод песни Freeze – Now Serving

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Water boils
My cage needs cleaning
I soil myself
And I spit up blood
It's lonely now
Without my neighbors
He says he killed them
Out of love
He let's me drink
To numb the feeling
I hear his saw
Down by my leg
He walks my foot
Back to the oven
And says it tastes good
When they beg
Now Serving
Now he says
It's time for a real treat
He wants to marinate
My ribmeat
He says my tongue's
The best he's tasted
He promised
Not a part would be wasted
My brain records
I enter an end fade
My heart's lifted
Torn from it's ribcage
My body's in water
Soon to be stew
His shit holds remains
Of people like me and you
Now Serving