Перевод песни Dinah Washington – Love, I Found You Gone

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Oh your eyes are so blue, they could double as diamonds,
cut a tango out of Turku and stand in for the sky
But your heart is so cold, it could storm troop Karelia,
put a plague on every house and a smile in every lie
I forged you from magic metal, a molten stream made you flesh
Composed you fresh from the earth, from silver, love and gold
But your icy breath of sorrow has poisoned my tomorrow,
shot my veins full of venom, and stilled me with cold
Oh my heart is so blue, it could cry you a river,
cry you a Kalevala, cry you this song
And my fingers are so frozen they could snap like carrots,
slap down the sun and make night all day long
For your soul is so white, it could stand in for winter
fill in for the snow and see the wheat through to spring
Your sex is a stone and your blood will never sing
I made my hell when I made you and gave you that ring
Yes, I gave you life, metal maiden, but you will not be my missus
so tearing the heart out of my chest now is my one and only wish
But my hands have gone numb from the ice in your kisses
so the sea will be my bride — I'll lay me down with the fish