Перевод песни G. Dep – I Want the World to See

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Yeah uha I get it
Yo yo come here man
I wanna show you something
Come here for a minute
You see that?
Nah nah come here everybody
Yeah yo look yo
I want the world to see
G is for the game and don't need explain
They know that you don't need brain
But you should know these thangs
Can't rap so he sang right when the police came
Cats like us though go for the Gusto
Never too much yo fuck no
Try to open up where the coconuts grow
Sharks poking up slow soaking up dough
You can look where you want but you scoping us though
Not so nothing but flow you must know
Lot of y'all look but you'll never touch pro
And touch those crush cold niggas last hope
You can call me choice cat witta hot voice
Grade A top choice in a drop Royce
Seizing your crew you got to be reasonable
I fuck around to be the reason you through
I want the world to see
You don't think that? You on time huh?
Cause in the streets you never know where you can wind up
Niggas acting kinda funny when I signed up
And I don't know if it's the money or the wine truck
But I know their time's up rhyme what time up got up
Sling it to the conselour how she gone guide us?
And I don't wanna stop
If these niggas wanna shop then a gun will pop there it go
I play dirty in J-30's with their birdy
This ain't the old Lakers and nigga you ain't Worthy
I pop Cris wit hot chicks who rock whips
Hottest shit since hot grits and stock tips
Your cat spit just cause he's got lips
Trying hit 26 rich and prosperous
When reality sets thought you had the salary set
Now here is your reality check
I want the world to see
I'm in the big things jets wit the big wings
No kid things y'all niggas is siblings
I pop things you can feel them hot things
When the Glock rings come through and you dropping
It's a pay thing you could tell by the grey ring
My play thing named May Ling from Beijing
I break things timeless like paintings
Sit your five dollar ass down before I make change
Gotta put yo gats down before I take aim
Spit what you need speed of a freight train, strange?
Never seen a great reign?
Son charted now look what you done started
I pop heavy rock steady drop heavy
Copped Mase and Teddy still you not ready
When it all goes down real as the world be round
I'll be here world renowned