Перевод песни Carl Thomas – You Ain't Right

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I'm working hard
50 hours a week paying for the cars
and the house we had built on the boulevard
and as soon as you get home you want to start
with something negative
and besides physical harm what do you give
and you make lots of noise for someone who sits
at home all day watching one life to live
You ain't right
no no no
(you ain't right)
you ain't right
no no no (oh)
We're supposed to be a team
at least you can do things like cook and clean
when I ask you what's up you start looking mean
smacking your lips like you're still a teenager
and I'm sick of this
how did I end up in this predicament
I would rather go somewhere and pitch a tent
then stay here with you acting ignorant
You ain't right
no no no (you ain't right no)
you ain't right
no no no
You shouldn't take for granted
my love
cuz one day it could be gone
(gone gone gone gone)
gave you the best of me and my love
I gave to you and you gave me none
(all that we've been through you just ain't right no)
You ain't right
no no no
(I thought you loved me)
you ain't right
no no no