Перевод песни KMFDM – Take'm Out

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You Are In Enemy Country
Take No Chances
One Mistake May Cost Your Life
Where There's A Will There'll Be A Way
Which Doesn't Kill Will Lead You Astray
Born Out Of Spite, Malice And Ire
Rivers Of Blood
Baptized By Fire
All That You Knew
What You Believed
Lock, Stock And Barrel
Sold Out And Deceived
Too Late For Remorse, Revolt, Rebel
This Is Moral Bombing
Your Personal Hell
Here And Now
Courage And Guts
Victory Imminent
Promised By The Powers
40,000 Dead In Under Two Hours
Take'm Out
Every Single One Of Them
We Are The Good Guys
Keeping It Keen
Nice & Easy
Lean & Mean
We Are The Good Guys
This Is Routine
Taking You Out
Neat & Clean
Hang In There