Перевод песни Seabound – Breathe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your tears tear wounds
And worlds apart
Sinking down in silence
Ivy climbs my heart
A pool of tears
And layers of pain
We call for comfort
And cry for rain
In hours like these
When black beats blue
I know nothing that I Feel is true (but)
The demons will
Forsake the land
(And I'll)
Find a gentle woman
For a gentle man
Taste my flesh and grief
Crawl on your knees
My hunger is directed
Towards your twisting body
Shameless you demand
Punishment and men
My eyes are re-directed
From your twitching body
Towards the waiting crowd
Punishment's at hand
My anger is directed
Towards your shifting body
Breathless you demand
The use of force again
My thoughts are re-directed
From your bleeding body
Towards the folded shroud
We're closing in on the end
Hurt me Scream what you feel
Hurt me I need to know it's real