Перевод песни System Syn – End Of An Ending

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Are you drawn to where the waters deepest
The veins of where my thoughts ran cold
The frozen current that should have marked the end
Was alive beneath the surface
But that wasn't what you wanted afterall
Afterall, oh afterall these years
So I forgive you for your brevity of words
And the ice
That encases as long as you will always know
The truth
And I've told you many times before
That I can't speak what I'm feeling
And through some words will crest the surface
They are only a distraction
From the knots that twist and coil
In my heart and in my lungs
Tying off my useless
And I'll never learn to come clean
If the slightest truth destroys me Once again, yes once again
I should have held my tongue
Once again I will close up And retreat into the silence
Where the water's warm and shallow
Where the sun shines off the surface
A mirage of my contentment
So just forget that for a moment
You caught a glimpse of who I was