Перевод песни Sargant Fury – No.7

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Who said this is what you've got to do
And who's the one making all the rules
To me he sounds just like the one we got
The one we got to blame
And why don't you try to work it out yourself
And just for once try to think of someone else
And don't you think of what he got to use
It don't matter
Try instead to think of how he feels and he feels
Take the color from his hand he's just another man
And who decides the game we're playing in
All I really want to know is why we're making foes
Of all our friends of all our friends
If you can't seem to work it out
No chance that you're ever going to know yourself
But if you think that there's something wrong
Then I know that there's got to be a real chance
Chance to make it
Then I know we got to try real hard to get right
Take the color...